Meeting Facilitation

The two owners of Participlan – Peter Thomas and Thinkplan – Estelle Gautier, have joined hands to develop the Thought Generator, a facilitation toolkit to change the dynamics of meetings by stimulating active participation and collaboration. The Thought Generator makes meetings and task team workshops interesting and meaningful so that people are more committed to take action.

See the Thought Generator presentation below.

Our team of associate facilitators are highly skilled at planning and implementing workshop and team meetings.

Facilitate strategic Planning:

Design and facilitate strategic planning sessions for partnership- and development projects resulting in high level goals, objectives and action plans.

Facilitate implementation planning:

Facilitated workshops to support the creation of clear and realistic operational plans that will deliver the desired outcomes.

Facilitate Monitoring process:

Facilitate milestone development-  and achievement workshops in preparation of project progress reports, interim evaluations and  input preparation for final evaluations.

Processing and Capturing:

  • Facilitating meetings and workshops with real-time capturing of the process, outcome, resolutions and recommendations.
  • Workshop reports – handwritten ideas generated by delegates during workshops transformed into reports or mind maps.
  • Strategy implementation plans: Recording the input from the various teams/divisions on a weekly/monthly or quarterly basis to track- and communicate progress and stumbling blocks.