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1. Conceptualisation Overview
Conceptualisation Guideline – click here to download [660KB]
The Project conceptualisation process will result in the development of a project concept document. This section outlines the processes for Situation Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis and the development of a risk management strategy. Upon completion of the project concept document, the document is appraised and approved. This would lead to approaching funding partners and project planning.
The Financial planning stage starts already during the first stage of project management when the overall annual programme budget is approved. Financial planning is part of the institutional processes and procedures and will not be dealt with here. Guidelines for developing a project budget is both part of the conceptualisation and planning process and will be dealt with at great length in the Planning Stage.
Who is involved What happens Decisions made
Key Stakeholders Board of Directors Executive Management, Chief Operations Officer, Programme Managers Project Managers Prepare situation Analysis Prepare a Stakeholder Analysis Develop a  Risk Strategy Develop the Project Concept
  • Project Concept document approv
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