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1. Sustainability Quality Standards for Project Identification stage
These standards are recommended and in line with international evaluation criteria of development projects. However, every Development Agency should use its discretion which of these standards is relevant.
A. Relevance Yes/No
The project meets demonstrated and high priority needs Yes
1 Consistent and supported of Government policies and priorities (and relevant sector programmes) Yes
1.1 Relevant government policy documents are referred to, including South Africa’s poverty reduction strategy Yes
1.2 Relevant policy, programme and project linkages are described, and it is clearly demonstrated that the project is consistent with the programme and policy framework, and supportive of ongoing initiatives Yes
2 Key stakeholders and beneficiaries are clearly identified, equity and institutional capacity issues analysed and local ownership considered Yes
2.1 Gender and youth data is provided and equity issues are explicitly addressed with respect to other vulnerable groups such as disabled. Yes
2.2 The past and ongoing stakeholder identification and engagement process is described – who, how, when and different stakeholder interests (expectations and concerns) are analysed Yes
2.3 Existing or potential conflicts between stakeholders have been addressed Yes
2.4 Evidence is provided of local ownership of project ideas such as previous or current commitments of resources to related activities and active local involvement in decision-making Yes
3 Problems have been appropriately analysed Yes
3.1 The problems facing the different socio-economic groups ( including gender differences and the needs of disabled people) are appropriately identified and described) Yes
3.2 The set of problems and/opportunities that the project should aim to address are identified Yes
4 Lessons learnt from experience and other projects have been assessed and incorporated in strategic planning Yes
4.1 Reference is made to the lessons learned from other projects/programmes implemented in the sector or in similar environments (from review and evaluation reports) and these lessons are reflected in the proposal Yes
4.2 Implementation options/strategies are appropriately analysed, including the requirements for further planning/design work. Yes
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