Transforming strategic thinking into results

Welcome to ThinkPlan

The idea of ThinkPlan as a strategy implementation model was transformed into ThinkPlan business services, developed by the owner Estelle Gautier, who believes that the strength of an organisation lies in the ability of teams to collaborate and deliver. “I built the service offering around my own expertise to ensure a hands-on approach and collaborate with our partners to ensure a good balance of experience and skills are provided.

These practitioner teams draw from each individual’s expertise for the specific delivery requirements and together we support our clients to achieve their desired results.

Organisational Development

Organisational Development focuses on four selected components within the vast field of OD to positively influence organisational change and growth and includes Capacity Development, Strategic Planning & Strategy implementation, and Monitoring & Evaluation as well as Partnering & Teaming facilitation.

Business Communication

Business Communication includes the outsourcing of workshop report writing,presentations design and speedy and efficient delivery of business proposals, Power Point presentations, Excel spread sheets, business reports.