Capacity Development Leadership

The Village Leadership Consulting programme is tailor-made to the needs of our clients and is based on the more than 20 years research by The Village Leadership Consulting.

  • The Village offers a congruent, aligned set of leadership development processes, that address the particular needs of leadership development at the 4 levels:
  • INTEGRATIVE (Senior/Executive level): VISA to PEAK Leadership
  • MIDDLE LEADERS (Middle Management): VISA to EDGE Leadership
  • Specialist Staff who do not hold a formal leadership role (any level): VISA to LEADERSHIP WITHIN

All programmes are based on the same Leadership and Organisational Development Frameworks, enabling the organisation to align the various managerial levels and create a common language and understanding throughout.

The Village Leadership Consulting has fully trained and accredited facilitators ( Village Associates) to deliver these programmes for you and/or to train up your internal facilitators.

Estelle Gautier has been an associate of the Village Leadership Consulting since 2002.


  • The programmes use the best of current leadership thinking and research to equip leaders to lead in ways that are organizationally productive and personally satisfying. What makes the programmes unique is that they:
    Operate from a systemic viewpoint;
  • Give delegates practical tools that can immediately be used in their own work environment;
  • Introduce delegates to Strategic, Structural and People Leadership Best Practices and explores the personal and organisational implications;
  • Work with delegates’ real time work issues in the form of personal case studies;
  • Provide a practical leadership model for individual and group problem solving and team development;
  • Enable delegates to mine and leverage diversity;
  • Take delegates on a journey of personal discovery to explore their unique leadership fingerprint;
  • Allow leaders to increase their success by receiving personal feedback on style and impact;
    – Develop the ability of delegates to unleash personal and collective energy;
    – Allow delegates to deal with the world of leadership paradoxes at their level;
    – Develop effective leadership integrated at the Me – We – Work – World levels;
    – Use questionnaires to create insight into personal and organisational challenges;
    – Enable delegates to establish their personal leadership profile with both its strengths and challenges;
    – Create a common framework for leadership in the organisation.


All programmes give the same understanding of the New Economy Context. It is the personal and work application from the context information that is different at the different levels.


  • The Changing World
  • New Economy Leadership
  • Positive Organisational Scholarship
  • Beehive overview
  • Organisation as a Village
  • Creating a Learning Organisation


  • Delegates work in small groups, called Leadership Councils, and use their peers throughout the workshop to develop specific action plans which are relevant to their own current situations and immediately implementable.
  • Delegates work with their own challenges, which ensure that the material covered remains highly relevant.
  • Delegates leave the programme with a greater understanding of themselves as leaders and the impact that they have.

Leadership Development across All Dimensions

All programmes develop leaders across the four dimensions of ME – WE – WORK – WORLD.

The specific focus differs per leadership programme.


  • The personal or internal facets of leadership which largely determine the individual’s personal preferences, leadership style and primary point of reference.
  • This point of reference is made up of one’s worldviews, assumptions, beliefs, values and knowledge.
  • The “ME” space is the starting point of all leadership, and determines the leader’s own personal subjective way of interacting with everything occurring external to him or her.


  • The interpersonal space where the individual interacts with others; shapes others and is shaped by them in return.
  • This is both a primary space of learning about oneself as well as the space in which the learner develops the capacity to value and leverage the rich diversity of “the others” who form part of his/her work life.
  • It is in this dimension of leadership where leaders learn and apply the realization that in the New Economy leadership is per definition a team activity.


  • High Impact Leaders demonstrate their capacity to have a sustainable and constructive impact in their areas of influence.
  • International and South African studies demonstrate that the effective leaders identify and embed a range of integrated workplace practices that, in turn, enable the organisation to achieve sustainable competitive performance.
  • The “WORK” space focuses on a combination of benchmarked Organisational Development Best Operating Practices, and industry-specific strategic choices.


  • Some people call it “The New Economy,” others call it “Post Modern Society,” some focus on elements such as globalization, networked environments, the age of participation and integration, and some refer to it as the “Third and Fourth Waves.” Whatever it is called, the world is undergoing a profound value shift that is requiring a quantum shift in how organisations and teams are led.
  • Certain well-established practices remain as essential as always, but international research demonstrates that leadership based on a particular set of values and worldviews enables organisations to significantly outperform competitors.
  • The ‘World’ space refers to this larger socio-economic and political space within which the learner and organisation operates, and which s/he has to comprehend. This enables her/him to make sense of it and enable others to respond to it in ways that enhance the sustainable competitiveness of the organisation.