Strategic Alignment and Identification

1. Strategic Alignment : Project Identification Overview
Strategic Alignment & Project Identification Guideline – click here to download [559KB]

Project Identification is the process of selecting a theme to be further developed into a project concept. It outlines the location where the project will occur, the broad approach the project will take and the problem (need) to be addressed.

Strategic alignment is the strategy framework within which programmes and projects are initiated, funded and implemented and needs to be aligned to National, Provincial and Regional Government priorities. Lessons learnt from similar projects are incorporated here. This stage should result in:

Identification of projects which are aligned with the overall Programme strategy, Development priorities and Government objectives

Project selection which is relevant and feasible

This phase gives a strategic orientation which should guide the identification of projects. It also serves as background and introduction to programme and project managers, assuming that during the strategic planning and strategy review of the Development Agency had already considered all the elements which it briefly touched on during this phase.

Note that Strategic Planning for the Development Agency is usually facilitated by an external facilitator and is beyond the scope of this toolkit. Overall programme budgeting is also not dealt with here as it is part of the strategic planning of Development Organisations.
Who is involved What happens Decisions made
Key Stakeholders
Board of Directors
Executive Management,
Chief Operations Officer, Programme Managers
Project Managers
Assessment of regional and local socio-economic conditions, policies and an analysis of other initiatives Overall Agency Strategy Approved

Programme strategies in alignment with Strategy

Projects identified which would result in achievement of  Programme  outcomes (on-going)

Annual Budget approval (not part of toolkit)

Tools and Guidelines Where to find
Strategic Planning LED strategic planning Manual – see resources
Logical Framework Process & Matrix See stage 5 Monitoring & Evaluation
Project Identification template Stage 2  Tool 1
Partnership Development Stage 2  Tool 2
Government Alignment map Stage 2 Template 1
Strategy Map
Results Chain Framework
Documents at end of this phase
1. Overall Programme Strategy
2. Strategic Map
3. Results Chain of Overall Programme
4. Project Identification and Concept document – work-in progress document stages 1-3
Assessments to help ensure relevance and feasibility of a project idea:
1. Policy and programming framework and alignment NDP & IDP
2. Strategy analysis Overall Strategic Plan
3. Budget availability Overall Programme Budget
4. Quality assessment criteria Stage 3 – See Quality Standards