Sustainability Check

Strategic Alignment and Identification Conceptualisation Planning and Development Implementation and Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Sustainability
1. Strategic Alignment : Project Identification Overview
A project is sustainable when the beneficiaries continue to experience benefits beyond the period of project funding. This means that planned benefits should be sustainable beyond the life of the delivery of the project services.
Sustainability principle
Institutional Sustainability
Critical Milestone achieved before continuing to the next project phase.
These milestones are only recommendations and will depend on the Development Organisation’s internal procedures
Key elements of sustainability should be introduced early in the project design phase
Complete alignment to Government Policies and Priorities during Strategic Planning
Engaging project partners during the early stages of planning Memorandum of Agreement
Aligning project planning to the overall programme strategy
Ensuring funding is available for the entire duration of the project ( plan the exit strategy during planning)
  • Institutional arrangements regarding project ownership needs to be considered at the onset (choice of appropriate legal entity)
Funding Agreements
Incorporate learning from other programmes and projects into strategic planning Exit Strategy designed from onset
Sustainability Check
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