Tools & Templates

Strategic Alignment and Identification Conceptualisation Planning and Development Implementation and Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Sustainability
Tools, Templates and Guidelines 
Where to find
Strategic Planning LED strategic planning Manual – see resources
Logical Framework Process & Matrix See stage 5 Monitoring & Evaluation
Project Identification template Stage 2  Tool 1
Partnership Development Stage 2  Tool 2
Government Alignment map Stage 2 Template 1
Strategy Map
Results Chain Framework
Documents at end of this phase
1. Overall Programme Strategy
2. Strategic Map
3. Results Chain of Overall Programme
4. Project Identification and Concept document – work-in progress document stages 1-3
Assessments to help ensure relevance and feasibility of a project idea:
1. Policy and programming framework and alignment NDP & IDP
2. Strategy analysis Overall Strategic Plan
3. Budget availability Overall Programme Budget
4. Quality assessment criteria Stage 3 – See Quality Standards
Sustainability Check
Quality Standards
Tools & Templates
Learning & Resources
Output & Documents