Strategy Facilitation

Strategic planning

We design and facilitate strategic planning sessions that harness the collective knowledge of the participants to create plans that are innovative, aligned and ultimately result in improved performance.

Our team of associate facilitators is highly experienced in facilitating strategic planning and implementation planning workshops.

Strategy Implementation

The success of any strategic plan hinges on how effectively and efficiently it is being implemented. The challenge is to translate the strategic goals into coherent and harmonized activities and to motivate and inspire the teams towards the objectives which were developed during the Strategic Planning session. Our team of experienced facilitators is able to work with the team leaders and their teams to develop operational plans to drive the process that can make the strategy happen.

In addition to manage the process of implementation, we can also assist with specific areas that have been identified as a priority during the strategic planning stage.  For example… if stakeholder participation was identified as a key focus… we could design a series of stakeholder focus groups as well as internal sessions with teams to identify how all processes can ensure stakeholder inclusion.

Monitoring Implementation

Using the teams’ plans, we create a clear and integrated dashboard so that key milestones can be tracked and the overall project monitoring and evaluation is fast and efficient.  Through this process, team leaders are up-skilled and gain valuable facilitation and project management skills.


We view the strategic planning process as a contributor towards building learning organisations and are able to engage with teams to capture the learning and knowledge as input for the next strategic planning loop.

The Participlan and Thought Generator role in Strategy Process